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bol game show helpline number 2020

bol game show helpline number 2021

The Game Shows In Pakistan 2021

Television is one amongst the foremost fashionable ways of mass media communication that eventually
has a huge impact on the society. sadly, the community itself stays unaware of the adverse effects of
assorted tv programs that square measure broadcast. Behind the veil of ‘entertainment’ programs,
packed with brashness and glam, an awfully totally different story awaits to be open. As expressed
by Jess C. Scott: BOL game show helpline number

“People square measure sheep. TV is that the shepherd.”

This quote explains the verity nature of TV that plays a significant role in the development of national

How Can BOL Entertainment Helpline Number 


Bol Game show Phone Number

In recent years, a developing trend of game shows erupted on our tv screens. Besides Neelam Ghar
that started in 1975, new game shows like Inaam Ghar, that was hosted by ameer Liaquat
Hussain, Jeeto Pakistan hosted by Fahad Mustafa, Jeet Ki Baazi hosted by Waqar Zaka and later
the show on Bol TV, program Aysi Chaley Ga by ameer Liaquat Hussain were broadcast at the side
of others on varied channels. bol game show helpline number 2020 These game shows offered the audience totally different dearly-won
gifts together with cars, motorbikes and little craft.

The small craft was distributed by ameer Liaquat on his program “Game Show Aysi Chaley Ga.”

The trend set by one amongst the Ramazan transmissions has evolved into being one amongst the
foremost common programs on tv. Be it ameer Liaqat, Fahad Mustafa, Fiza Ali, there’s an entire
series of such shows on nearly every channel. abusive, aren‟t they? but, they’re a matter mark on
not simply media trends however additionally on moral values similarly as what do they portray
concerning Pakistan as a state. „Inam‟ or prize looks such Associate in Nursing appealing word, one
to that we have a tendency to square measure instantly drawn. Game shows provide such a lot of
those cars, bikes, gold, natural philosophy and name something. however have we have a tendency
to a thought of the deeper context of those shows. Apparently, no

Unveiling the reality: Nothing on Game Shows in Pakistan is „just entertainment‟

BOL game show helpline number

Starting from what happens on these game shows, an oversized audience at the set is asked to try
and do stupid activities or answer mindless queries like telling the audience a joke or oral
communication out a locution right. On respondent, the person is awarded a bike and different gift

Besides the uninformative question-answer session, game shows have developed the culture of
distributing varied gifts and prizes to folks arbitrarily showing them as beggars Pakistan Nations
displayed their hands whenever the host approaches them for gifts as low-cost as court game
rackets and loony. what’s even additional awful is that the audience screams aloud even for such
gifts barefacedly.

bol game show helpline number 2020

Opening our eyes and our minds, we’d be ready to see however such activities square measure
touching our mental attitude. gazing these “winners”, no explicit distinction is often detected between
beggars United Nations agency unfold their hands before {of folks|of individuals} for themselves and
therefore the audience in these Pakistani shows besides the actual fact a number of the general
public comes from knowing backgrounds whereas hosts themselves square measure literate people.
That, therefore, makes the realities even tougher to digest.

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